Colon Night Market: A Street Transformation | Cebu City

13 Jun

Check out the Colon night market and find some of the best bargains in the city.

Emjae Fotos | Travel and Photo Blog

Do you know what happens to the oldest street in the Philippines at night? From a bustling city traffic, the Colon street in Cebu City transforms into a lively night market. This brings back the street’s old glory which was the center of trade and commerce several decades ago.

The Colon Night Market is a program initiated in 2007 that turns the busiest street in Cebu into a trading place just like the Divisoria in Manila. Here you can find a wide range of goods and stuff for a low price.

Check out these before and after photos that show the Colon street transformation. (Photos taken by smartphone only, not the best quality 😀 )

Super Metro Before Colon Night Market Cebu Transformation (Before) Outside of the new Super Metro Gaisano

Super Metro After Colon Night Market Cebu Transformation (After) Vehicles are not allowed to pass anymore

The street starts to get crowded at around 6:30-7PM where the traders start to pitch their tents and display their products. Vehicles are then re-routed so people…

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