Cebu Schools

Cebu is the home of some of the best schools in the Philippines. Cebu schools have performed well in the board exams. Here are some articles relating to Universities and Schools in Cebu.

UC to open its School of Medicine in SY 2015-16

May 2014 NLE: Performance of Cebu Schools

UC grads do well in the Second officer exams

Performance Cebu Medical Schools in the February 2013 Physician Exams

August 2012 PT Exams: SWU and Velez students in the Top 10

UC grads in top 10 in the July 2012 Marine Deck Officers Exams

SWU Grad is No. 5 in July 2012 Optometrist Exams 

USC is top school in the May 2012 CPA Exams

Cebuanos top September 2011 Medtech exams

Cebu Normal University is top school in July 2011 NLE

Cebuanos among the top 10 in the July 2011 NLE

Cebu Institute of Medicine among the best in the August 2011 Physician Licensure Exam

University of San Carlos dominates Architecture Exams

4 Cebuanos make it to top 10 in September 2010 LET

7 Cebu Grads in the top 10 of the July 2010 NLE

CIM grad in the top 10 of the August 2010 Physician Licensure Examination


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