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Top 5 toys that are rarely seen today

20 Sep

Do you ever miss these games? The next generation might not be able to play these.


The Digital era has taken over the fun we had as kids with those new and techy gadgets.

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10 Reasons to Visit El Nido with Friends | #BarkadaGoals

14 Sep

This is one an awesome place.. just a few hours from Cebu by plane then by car. heheh

Emjae Fotos | Travel and Photo Blog

Traveling with friends can make or break your adventure. Either you have a blast or burn yourself out. It usually takes time to plan but it is more cheaper and merrier.

Lucky for me I just had the right mix of fun-loving and easy-going college buddies for an El Nido island hopping getaway. Let me share to you 10 things why it is more fun to travel with your barkada. You can:

1. Enjoy the road trip.

Joyride Road to El Nido Barkada Goals 6 hours trip from Puerto Princesa to El Nido is more fun when you own the van.

2. Start a boat party.

Boat Party El Nido Barkada Goals You’ll find a lot of idle time hopping between islands. Make it count.

3. Snorkel on crystal clear waters.

Snorkeling Water El Nido Barkada Goals Don’t miss the underwater beauty. Immerse yourself into the breathtaking marine environment.

4. Take epic jumpshots.

Papaya Beach Jumpshot Snorkel El Nido Palawan Island Hopping Jumpshots are priceless moments. Challenge your barkada for that perfect shot.

5. Bump-A-Kayak

Kayak Group Small Lagoon El Nido Palawan Island Hopping Most of us were first-timers…

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Colon Night Market: A Street Transformation | Cebu City

13 Jun

Check out the Colon night market and find some of the best bargains in the city.

Emjae Fotos | Travel and Photo Blog

Do you know what happens to the oldest street in the Philippines at night? From a bustling city traffic, the Colon street in Cebu City transforms into a lively night market. This brings back the street’s old glory which was the center of trade and commerce several decades ago.

The Colon Night Market is a program initiated in 2007 that turns the busiest street in Cebu into a trading place just like the Divisoria in Manila. Here you can find a wide range of goods and stuff for a low price.

Check out these before and after photos that show the Colon street transformation. (Photos taken by smartphone only, not the best quality 😀 )

Super Metro Before Colon Night Market Cebu Transformation (Before) Outside of the new Super Metro Gaisano

Super Metro After Colon Night Market Cebu Transformation (After) Vehicles are not allowed to pass anymore

The street starts to get crowded at around 6:30-7PM where the traders start to pitch their tents and display their products. Vehicles are then re-routed so people…

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Canlaob canyoning

12 Jun

If you love to do something different, here is one great suggestion by Miss Eleanor Valeros.


by Maria Eleanor E. Valeros, #CebuBloggingCommunity

Caption: Outdoorsy chums on a drift after seven leaps at Canlaob in Alegria. Photo by guide Cris Comendador.

ALEGRIA, CEBU, PHILIPPINES (May 31, 2015) — Fear is a very beautiful emotion. It makes you think twice, thrice. It assures you’re just too human to let go of your precious life any minute. But the power to control that fear is the most beautiful function of your brain. You engage in seven leaps even though you understand how great, sweet things can go wrong at some twists.

Canlaob River in the town of Alegria, over a hundred kilometers away from Cebu City, pumps up adrenaline rush via canyoning, which some outdoor adventure enthusiasts prefer to call “canyoneering” presumably to fuse canyoning and mountaineering which are two great outdoor activities.

Canlaob is around seven kilometers long, but the tackling requires from around three to four hours…

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Color Manila: A Fun Run, Color Festival and Party in One | Cebu 2015

5 Jun

Literally a fun run… 😉

Emjae Fotos | Travel and Photo Blog

3..2..1..BOOM! Colors everywhere. That was how the Color Manila Run in Cebu climaxed with the vibrant color festival. Happy faces and colorful smiles were all around the place dancing and jamming to the beat. It was a rave party on a Sunday morning. Yes, a party you wake up early for but it’s worth it.

So I woke up at 2:30AM, 30 minutes earlier than my alarm and I don’t know why. No I’m not excited, maybe just a bit. I just want to experience the fun since it’s my first time and probably the closest I can get to a color festival like Holi.

Ready Color Manila Cebu Run 2015 The start/finish line with a lovely background.

The Color Manila Run took place in the South Road Properties, just beside the venue where the Kasadya sa SRP is held.

There were 3 categories, the 10K, 6k and 3K with a registration fee of Php750. The race…

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[Photos] On Board MV Logos Hope: The World’s Largest Floating Book Fair Returns to Cebu

8 May

Time to buy books!

Mandaue Chamber of Commerce project finalist in Italy world congress

8 May

Way to go!


caption: Editha Bonghanoy found P600 among trash at the Umapad dumpsite in Mandaue City. The amount enabled her to start a food business.

by Maria Eleanor E. Valeros, #CebuBloggingCommunity

CEBU, PHILIPPINES — Women in Need, Now Entrepreneurs and Rolemodels or WINNERS made it as a finalist to the 9th World Chambers Congress in Torino, Italy picked from 79 applications of 39 countries.

In an electronic correspondence, Alexandra Jercaianu, project officer of International Chambers of Commerce – World Chambers Federation in Paris, France congratulated the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry as WINNERS has been “selected as a finalist in the Best Non-Conventional Project category.”

A record number of 79 applications from 39 countries were received for the 2015 World Chambers Competition and that the full list of finalists in the said category are: Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Norway), Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza (Spain), Calgary Chamber of Commerce…

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Bantayan Island Tour Day 2

13 Apr

Visiting Cebu? Here is another great post about Bantayan Island 😉

Diamond Suites blogger, backpacker friendly

29 Mar

Here is another good place to stay in Cebu. 😉


by Maria Eleanor E. Valeros, #newmedia specialist

caption: Front office **grabbed from

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES — Diamond Suites Cebu, a businessperson’s hotel on Apitong corner Escario Streets here, embraces the significant contributions of bloggers and backpackers in moving the economy via information sharing and grassroots travel, respectively.

Recently, Diamond Suites Cebu hosted the first meetup and pool party of the Cebu Blogging Community. The bloggers group, geared at strengthening support for members, finds an ally in the hotel as the latter renews commitment to provide a venue conducive to discussion, debate, and relaxation. The hotel is also open to the current work culture of bloggers that party-mosphere is reward to “hours of brain-firing.”

Executive and marketing officer Keene Albert Tan introduced Diamond Suites’ management team who welcomed CBC headed by executive director/chief blogger Ruben Licera, Jr. with community leads Margarita “Mary” Narvasa, Chanel Marie Imperial, and Gay Aida Dumaguing.

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5 Things You Will Love About The Cebu Dream Show

27 Mar

You should check this out!

Emjae Fotos | Travel and Photo Blog

The Philippines is very rich in culture and we all know that Filipinos are great performers too. Sometimes what we just need is a stage to bridge these two and that is just what the Cebu Dream Show brings you.

Here are 5 things that I believe you will love about the Cebu Dream Show.

Facade Daylight - Cebu Dream Show1. It’s the largest theater hall in Cebu

Cebu Dream Show is a newly opened nightly cultural show that is open Mondays-Saturdays having two shows per day. The first one is at 5:30-6:30PM and the second at 8:00-9:00PM. It is the building across the  Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI) which is beside Bigfoot in Saac II, Barangay Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City

Stage Viewpoint - Cebu Dream Show From the stage point of view

This hall can accommodate up to 300 guests which comes with unlimited drinks. It caters all patrons of ages from foreign nationals to local guests.

Sitting - Cebu Dream Show Most of the audience were Koreans that were on a tour

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