Canlaob canyoning

12 Jun

If you love to do something different, here is one great suggestion by Miss Eleanor Valeros.


by Maria Eleanor E. Valeros, #CebuBloggingCommunity

Caption: Outdoorsy chums on a drift after seven leaps at Canlaob in Alegria. Photo by guide Cris Comendador.

ALEGRIA, CEBU, PHILIPPINES (May 31, 2015) — Fear is a very beautiful emotion. It makes you think twice, thrice. It assures you’re just too human to let go of your precious life any minute. But the power to control that fear is the most beautiful function of your brain. You engage in seven leaps even though you understand how great, sweet things can go wrong at some twists.

Canlaob River in the town of Alegria, over a hundred kilometers away from Cebu City, pumps up adrenaline rush via canyoning, which some outdoor adventure enthusiasts prefer to call “canyoneering” presumably to fuse canyoning and mountaineering which are two great outdoor activities.

Canlaob is around seven kilometers long, but the tackling requires from around three to four hours…

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Color Manila: A Fun Run, Color Festival and Party in One | Cebu 2015

5 Jun

Literally a fun run… 😉

Ms. Mandaue 2015: Best in Talent

8 May Ms Mandaue 2015 Best in Talent

The candidates of Miss Mandaue 2015 is not just all about beauty as all of them possess wonderful talents that make people happy.  A few weeks ago, Miss Mandaue held its Talent Night and the Mandauehanons were all amazed with the display of talent of this year’s batch of candidates.

The Talent Night was hosted by the lovely Miss Mandaue 2012 Nicole Tuazon.

Ms. Mandaue 2012 Nicole Tuazon hosted the talent night of Miss Mandaue 2015

Miss Mandaue 2012 Nicole Tuazon, the host

The program started of with a dance number by the 2015 Miss Mandaue candidates with the reigning Ms. Mandaue Lou Dominique Piczon.

Opening number for Ms. Mandaue 2015 Talent Night

The Ms. Mandaue 2015 Candidates

Ms. Mandaue 2014 Lou Dominique Piczon

Ms. Mandaue 2014 Lou Dominique Piczon leads the opening dance number

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[Photos] On Board MV Logos Hope: The World’s Largest Floating Book Fair Returns to Cebu

8 May

Time to buy books!

Mandaue Chamber of Commerce project finalist in Italy world congress

8 May

Way to go!


caption: Editha Bonghanoy found P600 among trash at the Umapad dumpsite in Mandaue City. The amount enabled her to start a food business.

by Maria Eleanor E. Valeros, #CebuBloggingCommunity

CEBU, PHILIPPINES — Women in Need, Now Entrepreneurs and Rolemodels or WINNERS made it as a finalist to the 9th World Chambers Congress in Torino, Italy picked from 79 applications of 39 countries.

In an electronic correspondence, Alexandra Jercaianu, project officer of International Chambers of Commerce – World Chambers Federation in Paris, France congratulated the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry as WINNERS has been “selected as a finalist in the Best Non-Conventional Project category.”

A record number of 79 applications from 39 countries were received for the 2015 World Chambers Competition and that the full list of finalists in the said category are: Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Norway), Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza (Spain), Calgary Chamber of Commerce…

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Mandaue City Fiesta: Presentation of Candidates for Cleopatra (Miss Gay Mandaue 2015)

5 May


Aside from Miss Mandaue, another pageant is being held by the Mandaue City for its fiesta.  The candidates for Cleopatra: 2015 Miss Gay Mandaue Pageant was also presented to the public. The pageant candidates were wearing interesting costumes and prepared some wonderful introductions spiels to the delight of the crown.  Below is the gallery of the candidates for Miss Gay Mandaue 2015: Continue reading

Pageants: Miss Mandaue 2015 Best in Runway

24 Apr

BestinRunwayMsM2The candidates for Miss Mandaue 2015 were presented to the public last weekend at the Heritage Plaza of Mandaue City. The night was also dubbed as the Talent’s Night of the City’s long-running beauty pageant. Candidate No. 10 Kelsey Adams won the Best in Runway award. Continue reading

Events: U.S. Fine Food Show

16 Apr


Event Name: U.S. Fine Food Show

Date: April 16- 17, 2015

Venue: Atrium D, SM City Cebu

The U.S. Fine Food Show is an event organized by U.S. Embassy Manila and the United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service to promote awareness of American agricultural products and to help importers increase their market reach . The trade between the United States and the Philippines has been booming in the past couple of years and the event aims to continue the momentum to showcase the excellent food and beverage products from the U.S.

The U.S. Fine Food Show features booths by The U.S. Potato Board, Alternatives Food, Belcris Foods, Bigfood Trade & Commodities, Dane International Commodities, Equilibrium Intertrade, Global Strategic Partners Distribution, Goodway International Trading, Happy Living Philippines, Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory, JEDCO, Link Import Export, Mix Plant, RAM Food Products, and World Wide Food Supply.  The booths feature different American products and ingredients that can be useful to local hotels, restaurants, culinary practitioners, educators, supermarket owners, food processors, and food enthusiasts. Visitors can sample some of the many different products at the show. Continue reading

MexiMama Cocina Latina Opens at Mactan Newtown

15 Apr


Mactan Newtown, a development by Megaworld Corporation, opened its Hawkers Center to give visitors and locators more dining options.  One of the first restaurants that opened in the Hawkers Center is MexiMama Cocina Latina.  This Cebuano-owned food outlet promises to give locals as well as tourists “a taste of Mexican” at budget-friendly prices. Continue reading

Bantayan Island Tour Day 2

13 Apr

Visiting Cebu? Here is another great post about Bantayan Island 😉

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