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Kan-anan: Orange Karenderia in Lahug

17 Jul
Orange Karenderia's best-seller Crispy Buntot ng Tuna (Deep-fried Tuna Tail)

Orange Karenderia’s best-seller Crispy Buntot ng Tuna (Deep-fried Tuna Tail)

If you love eating seafood, you have to check out Orange Karenderia in Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City.  The seafood restaurant has gained popularity among Cebuanos and tourists for its very delectable tuna dishes like the Crispy Buntot, Paga ng Tuna, Tuna Belly, Tuna Bihod (eggs) and Tuna Bagaybay (gonad).

Non-Tuna Specialty: The Garlic Chicken at Orange Karenderia

Non-Tuna Specialty: The Garlic Chicken at Orange Karenderia

delicious  Tuna Bipod at Orange Karenderia

Orange Karenderia’s Freshly-Fried Tuna Bihog (Tuna Eggs)

Non-seafood lovers will also enjoy dishes like Garlic Chicken and Sisig.  Orange Karenderia is a great place to bring visitors and try one of the best seafood restaurants in Cebu City. Check out our full review at Kalami Cebu Blog.

MexiMama Cocina Latina Opens at Mactan Newtown

15 Apr


Mactan Newtown, a development by Megaworld Corporation, opened its Hawkers Center to give visitors and locators more dining options.  One of the first restaurants that opened in the Hawkers Center is MexiMama Cocina Latina.  This Cebuano-owned food outlet promises to give locals as well as tourists “a taste of Mexican” at budget-friendly prices. Continue reading

Best Burgers in Cebu: Burgaholic

18 Mar
Burgaholic Cebu Quarter-Pounder

Quarter-Pounder at Burgaholic

Name of Food spot: Burgaholic

Address: 173 A M.P. Yap Street, Cebu City

Specialty: Burgers

Price: 100 – Classic (Add 20 for bacon) 175- Quarter-Pounder 295-Half-Pounder

Continue reading

Where to have Coffee in Cebu: Ironbound Coffee

3 Mar
Ironbound Coffee Cebu

Ironbound Coffee Cebu

If you are Cebuano coffee lover and you want to go to new places to enjoy your favorite drink then, you better to F. Cabahug Street and check out the newly opened Ironbound Coffee.  Ironbound Coffee serves your favorite lattes and frappes at reasonable prices.  What sets this coffeeshop apart is there 3rd wave of coffee offerings. This new coffeeshop is offering Syphon Coffee, Pour Over, and Aero Press.  These brewing will sure increase a typical coffee lover’s appreciation of coffee.

Author’s Comment: I recently tried their Syphon Coffee and i really had fun watching how it was made and drinking it a lazy February afternoon. More details at KALAMI CEBU.

Enjoying Syphon Coffee in Cebu

Kan-anan: Camia Street Cafe

21 Feb


If you are looking for a good place to have coffee and study in the Capitol area, one of the best options would Camia Street Cafe.  This cafe in Don Jose Avila Street, has been serving good food and coffee for students and professionals who live or work nearby.  Another good thing about this cafe is that they open 24 hours and they also serve excellent rice meals.  The place has a WIFI connection and it is also an excellent place for meeting especially for Medical Representatives.

Author’s Comment:  They are one of the few restaurants in Cebu that serves Ostrich meat and I was able to try it check out my review at : KALAMI CEBU

Cambia Street Cafe Cebu

Camia Street Cafe in Capitol, Site. Serves Coffee, cakes, and meals 24 hours a day. (Photo via:

Burger King F. Cabahug is now open!!!

12 Feb

Burger King opens its first drive through branch in Cebu at F. Cabahug Street,  Barangay Kasambagan, Cebu City.  This branch will be a 24 hour branch and it will just be close to schools like St. Benedict, and CIE.  It is also just a walking distance from the Sykes Building.  The new Burger King branch will try to compete with the Jollibee branch that has been the only fast-food restaurant in the area for many years.

Burger King Cebu Drive through

Drive Through and enjoy your Whopper

Cebuano can now enjoy the famous Whoppers of Burger King 24 Hours a day. For more pictures, check out KALAMI CEBU

Burger King's 4-Cheese Whopper

4- Cheese Whopper

New Restaurant: Obihiro Butadon

11 Feb
Obihiro Butadon Cebu

Garlic Pork Bowl from Obihiro Butadon

If you are the type who always look for something new when it comes to food, you better head down to GND Building in F. Cabahug Street (Panagdait), Cebu City and check out the newly opened Obihiro Butadon.

At Obihiro Butadon, you can enjoy an excellent pork bowl that is famous in Obihiro City, Japan. You have a choice between original, ginger, garlic, or all-meat butadon.

Author’s comment: Check out my first visit at the newly opened restaurant at KALAMI CEBU

Kan-anan: Gibb’s Hot Wings

8 Feb

I am sure many of you love hot chicken wings.  One great place to have some delicious and spicy hot wings in Cebu is in Gibb’s Hot Wings.  Located inside the Holy Family Village 2 Subdivision in Banilad, this home/restaurant has become popular to Cebuano foodies.

Their wall has been full of unique one-line testimonials from the thousands of happy diners who ate their mouthwatering and sweat causing chicken wings.

Cebu Gibb's Hot Wings

Mouthwatering Chicken Wings from Gibb’s Hot Wings

At Gibb’s Hot Wings, you can choose the spice level of your wings.  Level 1 is hot while Level 5 is Freakin’ Hot!

Author’s Comment:  This place has become my favorite chicken wing place here in Cebu and I managed to survive eating level 5. More details at Kalami Cebu.

How about you? What level can you handle???

Kan-anan: Carnivore Cebu

4 Feb

Are you tired of the usual fried meat that typical restaurants offer? Would you like to taste meals that is prepared using advanced culinary techniques?  A restaurant in The Gallery at Mabolo is offering dishes that it is different yet very delicious using familiar ingredients.  Carnivore Cebu specializes in serving amazing meat dishes in a very cozy setting.

The main star in Carnivore is definitely the meat entrees.  They cook pork, lamb,beef, chicken, and fish.  Unlike many restaurants where they list almost 100 dishes, at Carnivore you will not be so confused because their menu is limited to a few items.  Another nice feature with their menu is that they tell the diners where the main ingredients are sourced.  They get pork from Asturias, Cebu, beef from Bukidnon, and greens from Liloan. The restaurant also serve some sandwiches, salads, and desserts.



The dishes here are well thought of and the chef showcases her formidable technical skills and excellent culinary knowledge in every entree that comes out of the Carnivore’s open kitchen.  If you want to try some not so ordinary dishes.  This is the place to be.

Author’s Note: I really enjoyed the Australian Lamb and the pork from Asturias in my last visit, more details via KALAMI CEBU




Food of the Day: Ngohiong

2 Feb


Among the favorite dishes that Cebuanos come home to is Ngohiong. Ngohiong is Cebu’s version of vegetable lumpia or spring rolls. It’s main filling is usually ubod or heart of palm flavoured with ngohiong powder also know as chinese five spice. Other variations would use singkamas, bamboo shoots, meat, or other vegetables. Ngohiong is delicious, crispy and very cheap. Ngohiong is dipped in a special hot sauce and it is usually eat with hanging rice or poso. There are many restaurants in Cebu that offers ngohiong and each local has his/her own favourite.

Author’s Comment: I recently visited one of Cebu’s best ngohiong place, details at KALAMI CEBU.

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